Why Apple is Always in News. The Truth Revealed [Sort of]


This is something which has been bothering me for some time now and I think now I might have an answer for it.

First of all if you look at the troubled history of Apple ever since time began, or more so ever since Apple began. It had always been about Steve Jobs, even keeping in line the years he was not with Apple. I know he is a visionary, with keen eye on what is being developed by every other major OEM in the world but then again we will all agree that he is an arrogant man with a narcissist nature. He knows how to manipulate the audience with mesmerizing speeches and glorified shows to reveal Apple's products and services and we all fall for it. The following pointers will give you an idea of how he manages to keep Apple in news so much, despite all the wrong doings and blunders.

  • Steve Jobs is exceptionally well with words and knows how to make an impression, which Bill Gates does not have.
  • He knows that if he revealed small chunks of information about the upcoming products or the updates, everyone will have even more interest in what Apple is doing
  • Staying ahead of everyone else is the only key Apple will survive and this is what Jobs is doing for the last one decade with the launch of "i" series products
  • Any thing unusual with a pinch of glamor and galore will attract masses (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac)
  • Style is everything. This is what Steve Jobs knows and he applies to all his products and services
  • When in Rome, tell the Romans to go your way or the Highway. Either it will be the Apple way, which is always unconventional and controversial, or they won't do it. The best example is of Adobe's Flash exclusion (still) from Apple's applications.
  • Controlled leaks are the ones which neither reveal anything nor hide the information so that the consumer does not know what the heck is Apple doing. iPad is the best example with blurry screen shots and pictures of iPad right before the launch and now the screen shots of App store for iPad. Don't you ever wonder how do bloggers or anyone get their hands on it and then spread it across.
  • Controversy sells and that is exactly the latest strategy of Apple. Fight with the major leagues and you will surely remain in the lime light. If Google was so bad or for that matter if Jobs hates Eric so much then why have coffee and let the world know that they are talking. Its all part of the plan.

Apple will remain in the news for this year and probably for some more but then again, companies like HTC are heading up the ladder so quickly that Apple will have to come up with some solid products and services to stay in the news as no one remembers what happened yesterday but everyone will look towards what is coming tomorrow.

PS. Apple will make a major announcement on April 1st. Watch this space for the Breaking News