Apple Music Replay Creates a Mix of Your Top Songs, Artists & Albums of the Year

Imran Hussain
Apple Music Replay Mix

Apple Music Replay is a new feature, which automatically creates a playlist based on your listening habits. It uses the top songs, artists and albums that you listened to, throughout the year, to create a 'Replay Mix', which is just a fancy name for a playlist. The feature is available in Apple Music's web, iOS, Android, and Mac apps.

Apple Music Replay is similar to Spotify's year-end review feature calle Wrapped. However, unlike Wrapped, Replay will be updated regularly throughout the year. This means that you can use this feature anytime in the year to create a playlist of the top music you listen to. The playlist can then downloaded offline, added to your library and even shared publicly with other people.

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If you think this playlist overlaps with your 'top 25 most played' playlist, you are not wrong. The only difference we found was the number of tracks in the playlist. The 'top 25 most played' mix only shows 25 tracks, while Replay shows up to 100 songs.

Apple Music Replay

You can access Apple Music Replay by going to on the web, opening the Apple Music app on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Mac. Once there, click 'get your replay mix' to generate the playlist. You will be shown the playlist and given the option to add it to your library.

Apple Music Replay Playlist

The list will also breakdown the top artists that you listened to in the current year.

Apple Music Replay Playlist

Scroll down further and you will be shown the top 10 albums that you listened to.

Apple Music Replay Albums

Even though this feature is new, Replay also allows you to generate playlists from your listening habits over the previous years. Apart from the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse album, my favorite artists remained the same throughout all the years.

Go back in time Apple Music

Unlike Spotify's Wrapped, Apple Music Replay will work all year round. However, if you are on iOS and want some more details and statistics from your music library, I highly recommend snd.wave for iPhone. It scans your library to show how many times you listened to any artist, album or song. The app also breaks it down into genres so you can see which ones are your favorite. It also shows some charts to show your music play time per artist over a period of time. The app helps you find new music to listen to, based on the music you already listen to. You can even share beautiful images  of your music stats with cover art and nerdy listening data.

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