Apple Music Redesign Detailed: Black And White UI, Lyrics Integration And More


With over 13 million subscribers, Apple's music streaming service has yet to go a long way. While it hasn't been around too long since its debut, Apple Music is already gearing up to change in a big way. According to a new report from 9to5mac, Apple is working on a complete redesign of its music streaming service. It is already reported that Apple will unveil its revamped music streaming service at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, which is to be held in mid-June.

Apple Music To Get A Major Facelift At WWDC

According to the report, Apple is working to shift from a traditional white user interface to a more black and white design. Apple has been working on the new design since the end of last year, so a lot has been done since then, but still a long way to go. Followed by the black and white user interface, the company will reportedly feature "huge artwork". The purpose of this feature is to eliminate the presence of any dull displays.

In terms of additional features, the ability to share songs will also be added. Moreover, the 3D Touch integration will expand, making it possible to do more inside the app itself. The Connect tab that we're all familiar with will, however, remain unchanged, but it could possibly blend in with the overall design change. In short, most of the changes part of the major redesign will take place in the "For You" section. Moreover, there's a new "Browse" tab coming, which is expected to replace the "New" tab.

“While the most of the Apple Music service will be redesigned, much of the emphasis is on the “For You” feature, the tab that recommends songs, albums, artists, and music videos. This section will be simplified and better promoted to increase usage of the feature. While the interface will change, the functionality will use algorithms similar to today’s Apple Music recommendations engine, according to sources.”

Furthermore, features like lyrics integration will also be part of the change. However, for those interested in listening to songs and reading lyrics will have to manually search lyrics online and using your Mac, you can sync them to Apple Music. The report further adds that these changes will be first introduced to users in the form of beta as part of iOS 10 and will make a potential public launch alongside iOS 10 release.

Are you an Apple Music subscriber? What additional features would you like to see in the upcoming Apple Music redesign? Share your thoughts in the comments.