Apple To Bring microLED Technology To All Products Eventually, Starting With Apple Watch Ultra; Complete Transition May Take 10 Years

Omar Sohail
Apple Watch Ultra
Official image of the Apple Watch Ultra

The next Apple Watch Ultra will reportedly be the first to transition to microLED technology, with the entire Apple product range expected to feature the upgraded display. The only problem is that the company will take its sweet time with the transition as it may take an entire decade for microLED to arrive for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac family.

Currently, microLED technology is in its infancy and ‘complicated,’ according to one update, suggesting a high manufacturing cost

Despite the benefits that microLED technology possesses, Apple has yet to introduce it to any device. The technology giant is likely bringing it to the Apple Watch Ultra first because the wearable itself will sport a smaller display, which should make it less difficult for the company to mass produce this part. Apple is said to manufacture its custom displays, so we believe that the smaller the size, the fewer the complications will be in developing such a panel.

On the free version of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, the Bloomberg reporter states that Apple was focused on microLED development for six years and is said to be preparing a display for the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra. After that, the iPhone, iPad, and Mac models will sport this particular technology. Unfortunately, as 9to5Mac reports, it is not as easy as one would think because not only is microLED in its early stages, but it is also a complicated technology, as stated below.

Apple Watch Ultra in the wilderness / Image Credits - The Verge

“I think the plan is for Apple to bring microLED to all its products, from iPhones to iPads to Macs. But the technology is still so nascent and complicated that it could be a decade before we see it in a Mac. Don’t forget how long these transitions can take: The iPhone had OLED screens six years before the iPad is expected to get them.”

A microLED upgrade should bring massive improvements to the table. While you can check out our detailed comparison between microLED and OLED, you should know that improved brightness, richer colors, better viewing angles, and more should be expected from each of these. Sadly, we should inform readers that no Mac or iPad has switched over to OLED, so you should not hold your breath for Apple to bring microLED to its wide range of products.

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