2024 Apple Watch Ultra To Switch To microLED, Along With A Bigger Display

Omar Sohail
Apple Watch Ultra with micro-LED
Apple Watch Ultra being used outdoors by an adventurer

The Apple Watch Ultra was already too massive for some users, according to an earlier review roundup, but that has not stopped the technology giant from bringing a bigger variant to the mix. According to one analyst, the larger display will also adopt a new, superior technology.

Updated Apple Watch Ultra’s microLED technology will bring several benefits, but the cost to produce is insanely high

The first Apple Watch Ultra launched in September 2022 at $799 with a 1.92-inch OLED screen, and its successor said to arrive next year, is said to get up-sized to 2.1 inches, according to Haitong International Securities’ analyst Jeff Pu. His research note spotted by MacRumors states that the display will tout micro-LED technology, which is a notable upgrade compared to the current-generation OLED touted by the newly launched Apple Watch Ultra.

Increasing the display size to 2.1 inches might be viewed as an encumbrance for wearers, but it also brings a wide range of inherent benefits to the table. For instance, a larger display means a bigger battery, resulting in increased ‘screen on’ time, plus more screen real estate for the user to enjoy. Additionally, a change in physical dimensions will mean Apple will have sufficient room to incorporate more sensors, which is an area the firm did not work on for any Apple Watch model launched this year.

Apple Watch Ultra being used outdoors by an adventurer

Compared to OLED, microLED allows for increased brightness, along with better power efficiency, but the trade-off is increased manufacturing cost, which is why Apple has yet to adopt it in other products. In his research note, Pu has not mentioned that if the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra switches to micro-LED, what would be its expected retail price? Considering the increased display and new technology, Apple could be forced to increase that $799 threshold, and that might affect overall sales.

Remember, the aforementioned price is already touching flagship smartphone territory. In any case, we will update our readers on any and every Apple Watch Ultra information that arrives prior to its rumored 2024 launch, and we will recommend that you read our detailed comparison between microLED and OLED to get to know more about their differences.

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