Apple Media Event rumored to be scheduled for September 7th

Aug 12, 2011

According to a Japanese website Kodawarisan Apple has scheduled its annual media event for September 7th. Although the rumor is uncomfirmed, its highly likely its true since the last media event was on 1st September so a full year and a week have passed by. So what can you expect at the Media Event? These are still rumors but, apparently, in addition to updating its iPod lineup, Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5,and Macotakara has reported that  an iPhone 4S variant will also launch along with an iPad 3. The iPod touch is also likely to get a 3G radio aswell as a white variant is expected.

There have been literally thousands of rumors around the web regarding the iPhone 5 from lots of sources so you can expect this particular rumor to be true, expect a dual core iPhone 5 with other enhancements to launch in September, afterall word is Apple has already ordered 10 million units to be developed for a September launch. The iPhone 4S and iPad 3 update, we are not so sure of. Firstly the original iPad already got an update, the iPad 2 and its not even been an year since its launch so another iPad launch so soon is highly unlikely in my opinion, there haven’t been sufficient rumors regarding the iPhone 4S either but you never know. Either way, its only about a month to go before Apple’s media event, that should finally reveal what we are getting from Apple this year.