Apple Is Committed to Making Siri Better and It Will Happen With the Help of a Machine-Learning Startup

Apple Committed to Making Siri Better and It Will Happen With the Help of a Machine-Learning Startup

Let us face it; Siri is nowhere close to being diversified as Google Assistant and Apple probably knows this, which is why it is making a series of moves that will enable the improvement of its digital assistant. The latest move is acquiring an Ontario-based machine learning startup called Inductiv.

Inductiv Was Developing Technology That Employs the Use of AI That Automates and Corrects Errors in Data - an Ideal Move to Help Improve Siri Considerably

Inductiv isn’t the only AI-based company that Apple has acquired. There are more than a dozen AI-related acquisitions made by the Cupertino giant in the past few years. Inductiv team members joined Apple a couple of weeks ago to work on Siri, machine learning as well as data science. Apple did confirm that it buys smaller companies from time to time but according to Bloomberg, it doesn’t discuss its plans for the future.

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As for what Inductiv does, it works on technology that automates the task of identifying and correcting errors in data. iMore reports that having clean data is important for machine learning, and no doubt that will serve as the basis for improving Siri. It’s possible Apple has different plans by taking members of Inductiv on board, but it looks like we’ll get to know about those plans in the near future.

Members of Inductiv will most likely be reporting to John Giannandrea, who is in-charge of Siri and machine learning. Currently, John is reportedly upgrading the technology that went into making Siri. It’s also reported that he’s working on AI-related products, but it’s unclear what those products are.

Earlier this year, Apple acquired Voysis to boost speech recognition in Siri, and by recruiting members of Inductiv, Siri’s search accuracy might receive a massive boost. After using both Google Assistant and Siri, we’ll conclude that Apple’s digital assistant needs all the improvements it can get. Hopefully, by 2021, we’ll see some visible changes.

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News Source: Bloomberg

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