Apple Reported to Team up With LG for Foldable iPhones Because Samsung Might Leak the Design

Omar Sohail
Apple Reported to Team up With LG for Foldable iPhones Because Samsung Might Leak the Design

Apple has been rumored to be working closely with LG Display for a foldable iPhone but it has been reported that the California-based giant is going to keep out Samsung from the entire project. Samsung happens to be the sole provider of OLED screens for the iPhone X and rumor has it that the company does not want to involve the Korean firm because the design of the next-gen smartphone might get leaked.

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Developing a phone from Apple takes a minimum of 12 months before the device is officially launched and in order to get production underway, key elements of the device such as the design and hardware will be shared with its manufacturing partners.

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Looking at how many leaks have poured with tremendous amounts of viscosity throughout this year, Apple will be extremely careful with its steps, and unfortunately, it will have to keep Samsung out of this project at least for now. Since LG Display has smaller resources as opposed to Samsung, it could mean fewer chances of the phone’s design getting leaked.

However, since LG Display’s production capabilities are pale in comparing to Samsung’s it might take a while for Apple to officially release the foldable iPhone. The company might introduce the tech giant into the production foray in the last few months, but as of right now, only the Cupertino manufacturer and LG Display are aware of what sort of design is expected.

That is not to say that the foldable iPhone leak might take place from LG’s side; it might definitely take place but there are smaller chances of that happening.

Looks like Apple might lose the race against Samsung when it comes to releasing a foldable flagship but at least the company will know that its secrets are kept safe for the time being.

News Source: The Investor

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