Apple Launches New iPod touch 4G and iPod nano 6G Ads.


Apple today announced completely new and highly anticipated models of the iPod Touch and iPod Nano giving them iPhone4 Features  such as multi-touch functionality for the iPod Nano and giving it a cube type design which is much smaller and lighter than the previous versions of iPod Nano. There's also a new ability to perform swipe and rotate gestures on the multi-touch screen, There's also a clip located at the rear which can be used to clip it to pockets etc.

The new iPod Touch commercial ad also shows some new features like HD video recording, FaceTime calling and a wide variety of games which will be available on the Multi-Touch screen device other than storing Music, Videos and Pictures etc.

You can view the commercial ads below:
Apple - iPod touch - All kinds of fun

Apple - iPod nano - New way to nano

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