Apple Does Not Have the Same Positive Impact on Society as Amazon and Google, According to Latest Survey


Apple recently announced that it became a 100 percent renewable energy company, but it appears that a large portion of Americans do not believe the tech giant poses a positive impact on society. SurveyMonkey and Recode recently conducted a joint survey to find out the perceptions of American people regarding the impact technology companies have on the society. The question they asked was:

‘Which of the following companies has the most positive impact on society today?’

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Apple Only Barely Overtook Facebook, Who Despite the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Won 10 Percent of the Votes

Amazon appeared as the top favorite, with 20 percent of the survey participants voting for it. Google took the second spot with 15 percent votes. Apple came the third with 11 percent vote. Despite the backlash it faced because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook still managed to win 10 percent of the votes. 20 percent of the survey respondents didn’t think any of the listed companies had that big of an impact on the society.

In short, Amazon takes the lead as 20 percent of the survey participants believe that the e-commerce giant has the most positive impact on the society. Interestingly, just as many survey participants thought that none of the listed companies had a big impact on the society. In short, the results are polarizing.

Just like the company itself, it’s CEO is also a top favorite. Jeff Bezos was voted as the ‘most likely major tech CEO to have the greatest impact on people’s daily lives’. 22 percent of the survey participants voted for him. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was voted for 18 percent of the respondents while Mark Zuckerberg got the third highest votes at 17 percent. Unfortunately for Apple, Tim Cook wasn’t amongst the top three CEOs most likely to have the biggest impact on the lives of people.

Recode says that the results are hardly surprising, except for when it comes to Facebook. Facebook has been under a lot of scrutiny lately and these results show that public support for the company hasn’t wavered in wake of a scandal.

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News Source: Recode