Apple is Working on Apple One Subscription Bundle in Order to Boost its Services

Furqan Shahid
Apple One

A new report suggests that Apple is currently working on a number of different bundles called the Apple One which will simply allow the customers to subscribe to a number of digital services that the company is currently offering in a bundle at a lowered price per month.

Apple is currently planning on launching these bundles in October alongside the iPhone lineup. The purpose of the bundle is to encourage the users to subscribe to more their services, which in return are going to boost their services and generate more revenue.

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Apple One Seems to be Taking on Other Digital Services, Launching in October

The source also confirms that there are going to be different tiers, the basic package is going to come with Apple Music and Apple TV+, but you can go for more expansive options which will also net you Apple Arcade gaming service. You can then bump it up and get Apple News+ and the most expensive bundle will also get extra iCloud storage for your files and media.

Considering how it is still in the early stages, the might change the plans as far as the structuring of these bundles is concerned. But the goal remains the same; through these bundles, the company wants to offer its digital services at a much lower cost, allowing the customers to be more intrigued and ultimately, boosting the revenue generated from services.

With this initiative, the company aims to take on Amazon, and give the users a choice between Amazon Prime and Apple One. Amazon Prime is one of the best offerings at the moment, but the way it is different is that Prime nets you free shipping as well, whereas the company does not have any e-commerce delivery or a warehouse network like Amazon does, at the moment.

Additionally, Apple is also working on a new subscription that will cater to virtual fitness classes and you can use that through an app on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The source claims that the service will be offered in the higher tier of Apple One alongside the rest of the services, and it is codenamed "Seymour". The purpose of this workout package is to rival the virtual classes that are offered by a number of different companies including Nike.

The bundles are obviously geared towards families, which means that they are going to work with Apple's Family Sharing system that allows up to 6 people to use the service. Customers will be able to save upwards of $2 to $5 a month based on the package that they have chosen.

Will you be getting your hands on Apple One subscription or do you think Apple needs to change its course?

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