Apple is Offering its Employees Paid Time off for Vaccination, Paid Sick Leaves for Those Experiencing Side Effects


According to a new report, Apple is encouraging its employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine and offering paid leaves for it, too.

Apple Expects Corporate Employees to Return to Office as Early as June, Offering Paid Time off for Vaccination

Apple does not have access to the vaccine therefore it cannot administer it directly to its employees. However, the company is encouraging its employees to get the vaccine from their respective state's medical facility and is offering paid time off for it. And those experiencing side effects after receiving the dose will also be given paid sick leaves, too.

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According to Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. is encouraging employees to get Covid-19 vaccines by offering paid time off for appointments and paid sick leave for those experiencing side effects, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

In the United States, all Apple retail outlets are open but corporate employees have been working from home. Apple expects to fully open as early as June. But only time will tell if Tim Cook's company will be able to meet that deadline.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said:

“There’s no replacement for face-to-face collaboration, but we have also learned a great deal about how we can get our work done outside of the office without sacrificing productivity or results,” he told staff last year. “When we’re on the other side of this pandemic, we will preserve everything that is great about Apple while incorporating the best of our transformations this year.”