Apple Employees Are Reportedly Unhappy With Company’s ‘Return to Office’ Work Schedule for Three Days a Week

Apple Employees Are Reportedly Unhappy With Company’s ‘Return to Office’ Work for Three Days a Week

When COVID-19 forced tech giants like Apple to commence a ‘flexible work from home’ schedule for employees, it was only a matter of time before the company would revert back to its original ‘day to day’ on-site operations. The problem is that employees likely became too accustomed to the idea of completing their tasks at home and are reportedly unhappy with Apple’s decision to introduce a hybrid work environment. In short, workers are required to report to the office three days a week starting next month. Not surprisingly, these employees have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Apple Employees Are Advocating for ‘Location Flexible Work’ and a Petition Has Been Filed by the Group Called ‘Apple Together’

The new work schedule requires employees to return to the office three days a week, which includes Tuesday, Thursday, and another day based on which team that individual hails from. The Financial Times reports that several workers are unhappy with this plan and have formed a group called ‘Apple Together’ where people are gathering signatures through a petition to force Apple to let employees resume their ‘location flexible work.’ MacRumors took a peek at what the group demanded, with details given below.

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“Apple Together counters that a "uniform mandate from senior leadership" fails to respect the "many compelling reasons" why some employees are "happier and more productive" working outside of traditional office arrangements.

The group is demanding that Apple allows employees to work with their "immediate manager" to decide their working arrangements, and that they should not be subject to "high-level approvals" and "complex procedures" or have to provide private information.”

Apparently, the petition states that Apple should not prohibit flexible work but rather encourage it, making employees feel comfortable and allowing them to think differently. Given the nature of Apple’s business, continuously working from home will be viewed as a roadblock to its plans since the company is laser-focused on immense secrecy regarding product development. Employees wanting a flexible work schedule can also result in more launch delays since coordination between teams is more difficult away from the premises.

Apple’s in-office work schedule is expected to start from September 5, but it is unclear what actions the Cupertino-based firm will take if employees do not comply with the new requirements.

News Source: Financial Times

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