Apple Is Now Officially on TikTok, But There’s No Content on It Yet

In a surprising move, Apple is now on TikTok, but there is no content by the company so far leaving the space open for speculation.

Apple Can't Handle Not Being on TikTok, Signs up Anyway, Most Likely for Advertising Just Like on Instagram

It's really no big secret that TikTok is slowly taking over the social space by storm these days with no signs of slowing down any time soon. And the newest user on the social network is Apple. Yes, the iPhone maker. The same company that makes iPads.

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What's not surprising however is the fact that the account is a barren wasteland, at the time of writing. Apart from a verified badge, confirming this is an official account, there's no content on the profile at all. If we are to speculate in any capacity, it's likely that Apple will use its TikTok account for advertising purposes and connect with the community there. There is also a chance that the company will pull off what it's doing on Twitter. Despite having 4.2 million followers there, the company has zero tweets.

On Instagram, the company is extremely active and shares photos, videos and stories on a regular basis. This includes promoting its latest products, the famous Shot on iPhone campaign and more. So, we have two wild ends of the spectrum. Either Apple will go full-on Instagram or Twitter. Which one is it going to be?

Apple is officially on TikTok with a verified badge

Either way, we're somewhat excited what the company has plans for its TikTok account and what sort of content we will end up seeing. If you are interested, you can follow the account by going to this link.

TikTok has been under fire for a lot of reasons lately. But, despite all that, a lot of other social networks are feeling the heat, and it's reported that even YouTube is ready to take on the competition with a similar version of its own called Shorts. It won't be that surprising at all if others follow suit as well.

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