Apple Is Making Its Game Center App Redundant In iOS 10


It's true Apple is giving users the option to delete most of its stock apps, which can later be downloaded from the App Store at will. However, the Game Center app on your iPhone will not be available to you when iOS 10 rolls out. Apple has announced and released iOS 10 beta to developers on Monday, who found that the Game Center app is missing from the list of stock applications available.

Apple To Kill Its Game Center App?

Previous rumors have also pointed that Apple is looking forward to kill the Game Center app for a while. The app basically acts as a hub to sync your score and achievements. However, Apple is expected to move this functionality into the iOS games themselves. With that said, there will be no remaining point of the app, whereby making it redundant.

Since the use of a central hub is no longer required, it looks like Apple will finally making the move to kill it. In the iOS 10 beta, which was released yesterday, testers have found that the Game Center app is no longer available like it used to. Moreover, the guidelines have confirmed that developers must implement the “interface behavior necessary for the user to see [GameKit] features.” Some of the changes in the GameKit includes:

The Game Center app has been removed. If your game implements GameKit features, it must also implement the interface behavior necessary for the user to see these features. For example, if your game supports leaderboards, it could present a GKGameCenterViewController object or read the data directly from Game Center to implement a custom user interface.

Speaking of redundancy, there's a very high probability that Apple will make the Game Center app available through the App Store. This can be done since the company is already making other stock apps available through the App Store once they are deleted. If Apple is making this option available to users, there is a possibility that it will make it to reality.

Furthermore, we expect that the Game enter app itself is not going anywhere. This is because it is very unlikely that Apple will ask third-party game developers to incorporate the Game Center interface in to their games. Even if this is the case, we don't expect masses use the app anyway. For those who do keep their data synced and compete against friends, Game Center is not going anywhere.

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