2018 iPhone Lineup Will Feature Unique L-Shaped Batteries Manufactured By LG; Apple Expanding RFPCB Supply Base

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A lot of information for Apple's next iPhones is surfacing on the rumor mill lately. The iPhone X is a strong device, which created lasting impacts on observers and users. Accused of losing its innovation, Apple chose to show the world just how strongly it can perform. However, despite its show of strength, the iPhone X isn't performing as well as some quarters hoped it would. A $1000 price tag for Face ID and a display already available in Android doesn't sound like a smart deal. And users have caught on. Today, we've got more details of this year's iPhones. Take a look below to find out more.

Apple, LG Partner Up For This Year's iPhone Lineup's 'L' Shaped Batteries As Cupertino Expands Its Supplier Base For Radio Frequency Printed Circuit Boards

Before the iPhone X's launch, the rumor mill was in overdrive. Not one feature of the device was spared, with some folks going as far as to completely post Face ID's workings. Another feature which surfaced was an unusual battery configuration. Sources believed that the iPhone X will feature an 'L' shaped battery, which will follow in line with its unique motherboard design. However, what we got instead was two batteries in this particular arrangement.

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This allowed the iPhone X to boast larger battery capacity than the iPhone 8, despite being similar in size. Now, with the smartphone's successor, Apple will finally introduce a new battery shape as well. The Korean press reports a partnership between Apple and LG, with the latter all set to dedicate a factory in China to manufacture batteries for smartphones succeeding the iPhone X.

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The new battery is also referred to as 'preform' and will be lighter than its predecessors. Apple is also looking to expand its RFPCB supplier base. Two new Korean companies will make the cut, according to today's information. PCB production for the iPhone XS will start in May, with assembly expected to end by July. Right now, take all this information with a grain of salt, since a lot of time is left before Apple's official launch. Things generally become clearer as we head towards the year's second half.

Right now, it's believed that Apple will discontinue iPhone X production, choosing to focus on its successors instead. Analysts continue to revise their shipment estimates for the smartphone, as demand cools in markets. China in particular hasn't been as enthusiastic for the iPhone X as Apple would have hoped. Let's see if this year's devices perform better. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: ET News

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