Apple iPhone X Carrier Financing Plans For Sprint, Verizon, AT&T And T-Mobile – Take A Look!

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Apple's iPhone X finally brought the company back in the flagship game. While the smartphone doesn't feature all round top-tier hardware, Face ID alone sets it apart from rest of the pack. And this lead won't go anywhere either. It took Android, Samsung included, quite some time to catch up with fingerprint recognition. Facial recognition is a completely different ball game, so expect a lot of of folks to be surprised if next year's Android smartphones come with facial recognition. That being said, in true Apple style, the iPhone X isn't cheap either. The smartphone costs $999 for 64GB after all.  Here's how much it'll cost you with carrier financing.

Here Are All The Carrier Financing Options Available To You For The $999 And $1149 iPhone X

For a lot of us, buying the iPhone X isn't easy. Not everyone has $999 lying around after all. So carrier options are a godsend to say the least. Now, we've got all of these in a single post. So let's start off.

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With Verizon, the 64GB iPhone X will cost you $41.62/month for 24 months. It'll allow you to upgrade to a new iPhone every year. AppleCare+ coverage isn't included and requires a separate purchase. The 256GB iPhone X will cost you $47.87/month for 24 months. You'll be able to upgrade to a new iPhone every year and AppleCare+ coverage will not be included. Both the plans require a post paid Verizon month to month calling and data plan.


With T-Mobile, your iPhone X coverage plan isn't limited to monthly installments only. Rather, you'll have to cough up some serious bucks with an initial down payment. For the 64GB iPhone X, the down payment is $279.99. Monthly installments are $30/month for 24 months. The 256GB iPhone X requires a down of $429.99 and 24 month installments of $30/ month.


While T-Mobile sets itself apart with down payments, AT&T lets you choose the time frame for your monthly iPhone X installments. The 64GB iPhone X requires a $41.63/month installment for 24 months and a $33.30/month installment for 30 months. The 256GB variant requires a $47.88/month payment for 24 months and a $38.30/month installment for 30 months. All the plans allow you to upgrade to a new iPhone every one or two years.


For Sprint, the specifics are a bit different. You'll need to sign up for a two year contract with the carrier. This will cost you $549 for the 64GB iPhone X and $699 for the 256GB variant. AppleCare+ isn't included and you can upgrade to a new iPhone after 24 months. Sounds a bit too harsh if you ask us.

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