The iPhone 8 Will Feature Optical Fingerprint Recognition Claims Chinese Source


Ah the iPhone 8. Apple's flagship smartphone for 2017 is a regular feature of the rumor mill, even though its due in September. The iPhone turns 10 this year folks and Apple's going to come out all guns blazing. OLED will finally, finally make it on the lineup and we're likely to see some new materials thrown in the mix as well. Our sources in China are benevolent today and have provided some more details for the iPhone 8. Take a look below to find out more.

The Apple iPhone 8 Will Feature Advanced Fingerprint Recognition Claims Source

As we started covering leaks in 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was the center of attention. Samsung's device for this year is rumored to have a lot of amazing features. The most impressive of these was fingerprint recognition for the device. Sources claimed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature a fingerprint sensor that's hidden under the device's screen. However, as time elapsed, fresh rumors elaborated that Samsung will simply shift the sensor onto the device's back.

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If you're looking for optical fingerprint recognition, Apple's got you covered. Our sources from China now claim that the iPhone 8 will come with the feature. Two companies are expected to release optical fingerprint recognition hardware this year. This, in turn will make it on the iPhone 8 if the Chinese microblogging sphere Weibo is taken at its word. The feature has been rumored for the iPhone for quite a while.

iPhone 8 concept

According to the source, the iPhone 8 will not feature any buttons on its front facade, just like the upcoming Samsung flagship. However, unlike the S8, the device will be able to recognize your fingerprint on the front facade. This will provide Apple with a lot of room on the device's front and make for a very good looking iPhone. Combine this with the implementation of OLED on the iPhone 8 and we're sure that your eyes won't get tired of looking at that large screen.

Flagships for 2017 will be all rounders. Not only is the iPhone 8 rumored with the aforementioned display, but the device will also be powered with a 10nm processor, potentially the Apple A11. Cupertino made the jump to quad core with the A10 Fusion last year and when we combine its hardware/software integration with the benefits of 10nm, the expected performance will be off the charts. There's a lot of time until the iPhone 8 is launched so more details will surface. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below. We'll keep you updated.