The iPhone 8 Will Cost Above $1000, Have 3D Sensors & More Discloses Leak


It's a good day for iPhone leaks folks. Apple's iPhone 8 sees its third leak in a row today. At this point, we're wondering whether any new information will be left for Apple to unveil this September. While that's a fact only time will elaborate on, today's leak adds new details to our current knowledge about the device. It also gives a potential price tag, so take a look below for more if you're interested.

The Apple iPhone 8 Will Cost More Due To Use Of Expensive OLED Displays

As far as leaks go, today's is perhaps one of the most diverse we've seen so far for the iPhone 8. It confirms nearly every leak which has taken place so far and adds a few new details. Publication Fast Company claims to have a source that's in the know about the upcoming iPhone. Their source confirms the already well known fact that the device will switch to OLED displays this year. However, this will come at a cost of a price tag that's above $1000.

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OLED displays are more expensive than LCDs after all and Apple will transfer the brunt of this extra cost to the end consumer. All that talk of the OLED display being edge to edge on the iPhone 8 also gets a mention. The device will feature virtually non-existent side bezels and will be enclosed in an aluminum frame claims the source. Apple will also use 3D sensors in the iPhone 8, developed by Lumentum corporation. The application of these sensors isn't known as of now.

Another cool feature that the source mentions is the potential elimination of side buttons for the iPhone 8. Apple will replace them with pressure sensitive inlays in the metal, marking another aesthetic win for the device. Finally, optical fingerprint recognition also makes an appearance, as Cupertino is set to place the home button underneath the iPhone 8's screen. The iPhone 8 will also feature a dual camera, like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Finally, the source cautions us to not believe recent rumors of Apple increasing its iPhone production. He claims to have seen no evidence for it among suppliers, so maybe Cupertino isn't being overly optimistic for its device. Apple and Qualcomm will supply the modems for the smartphone, just like last year. Finally, the back of the iPhone 8 will be made out of glass, and bid farewell to metal after a long time. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest. We'll keep you updated.