Apple iPad Pro Releasing On November 13th; Pre-Orders Start


With the launch of the iPad Pro, Apple took an entirely new approach with its tablet. Before the launch of the 12.9 inch tablet, that had been in the rumor mill a good year before this September, the iPad was focused mainly towards entertainment and multimedia, with some enterprise functions being thrown into the mix. The iPad Pro takes a more serious approach towards the whole mobility and work approach and today we have some more news about the device's release date.

Apple iPad Pro Pre-Orders Start; Slate To Reportedly Be Released On November 13th

Even though Apple itself hasn't started iPad Pro orders so far, other retailers seem eager to get ahead of the pack it seems, as iPad Pro pre-orders have opened up today. The retailer in question is Sam's Club, and if you're looking to book a massive iPad for yourself, head over to their website given at the bottom of this post.

As of this moment, the iPad Pro is out of stock at Sam's Club's online site, meaning that folks out there are already busy booking one for themselves. The larger tablet from Apple comes with its own host of features that should provide a good balance between work and play or flat out hardcore performance should you be looking for that.

In today's second bit of news, sources have now started to claim that the iPad Pro will be released on November 13th, which is barely a week from now. The slate has seen several bits and pieces of news surface about its release date, with 11th November also having been thrown into the mix. Today's information only adds two more days to it, so all those looking to get one should breathe a sigh of relief, for now.

The iPad Pro comes with Apple's A9X on board, which builds on the A8X debuted in the iPad Air 2 last year. The A8X managed to surprise quite a few in the gadget world, with Apple choosing to debut the SoC with its own Tri-Core cyclone architecture. Aside from the A9X, the iPad Pro also comes with an 8MP rear camera, four speakers, 10 hours of claimed battery life and more but nothing can be said about the device for sure until we get to test one for ourselves.

Will you be pre-ordering an Apple iPad Pro? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for more.