Apple iPad Launching on April 3rd 2010

Omer Saleem

The word is out and everyone of the Apple fanboys (and girls) are getting prepped to buy the enlarged iPhone... April 3rd 2010 is the day when Apple's latest creation, the iPad, sees the day light for the first time and not just in a show but in stores.

There had been news about which version will be released first but now its clear that it will be launched with Wi-Fi version followed by the 3G version. Below chart explains the pricing structure of Apple's iPad

16GB WiFi only -- $499
32GB WiFi only -- $599
64GB WiFi only -- $699
16GB WiFi + 3G -- $629
32GB WiFi + 3G -- $729
64GB WiFi + 3G -- $829

The above prices are for US market only therefore we can expect higher price tags in Europe and maybe similar in the Asian markets. Pre-order begins on March 12th 2010.

Via: Engadget

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