Apple iPad 2 Production Started, Thinner, Faster, Lighter, Camera but includes No Retina Display.


According to Wall Street Journal, Apple's upcoming iPad 2's production has already been started. The next generation touch slate device named the "iPad 2" will feature integrated camera, processor, lighter enough but won't include support for retina display. Here's something Wall Street Journal posted about the upcoming iDevice:

The new iPad will be thinner and lighter than the first model, these people said. It will have at least one camera on the front of the device for features like video-conferencing, but the resolution of the display will be similar to the first iPad, these people said. It will also have more memory and a more powerful graphics processor.

The  will initially be available through Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc., but notSprint Nextel Corp. or T-Mobile USA in the U.S., according to some of the people familiar with the matter.

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