Apple to Introduce Multi-Tasking In iPhone Soon?

According to Next Web, Apple is now on its way to introduce the only functionality which hampered its image and growth in the swarm of Android phone, that is, Multi-tasking. This new add-on to the existing and (maybe) coming up iPhone ver. 4.0 is expected when Apple announces the upgrade of OS to 4.0 in June 2010.

For now the addition of multi-tasking to iPad is also unknown, which is expected to make a grand commercial appearance this month.

Apple has been in the front row of critics firing squad for two main reasons since the launch of iPhone. One has been the exclusion of Flash and the other one is multi-tasking, which Microsoft has been mocking for quiet some time. The only reason Next Web has said is a very valid one and that is, with multi-tasking the already bad battery life of iPhone will even further deteriorate [battery recharging after a couple of hours will be a pain in the rear end].

Those who have had their phone Jail Broken has been able to use multi-tasking via third party apps so its like Google blocking out Flash too. Its there but you can't have it in a legit manner.

Let's wait and see when does this miracle happen.

Via: Next Web

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