Apple Rumored to Take an Interest in Developing ARM-Based Processors for Mac Family

Apple Rumored to Take an Interest in Developing ARM-Based Processors for Mac Family

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are the first recipients’ to Apple’s custom developed GPU after the company announced it would no longer be relying on Imagination Technologies. This provides strong signals that Apple is ready to depend less and less on its partners and from the looks of the latest rumor, Intel seems to be next on this list. In order to reduce dependency on the leading desktop and notebook processor manufacturer, Apple might eventually resort to making its own brand of chips using the ARM architecture.

Using AMD’s Chips Also Seems Like a Viable Option for Apple’s Future Mac Family but ARM Chips Will Mean Better Software Control

In 2016, Apple was prepping to release its MacBook Pro family touting Intel’s Kaby Lake or 7th-generation processors but had to resort to using the 6th-gen family because Intel had not readied the latest iteration of chips. This might have caused a rift between the two tech giants, leading Apple to believe that it was high time it starting building its own hardware. In designing and integrating processors using ARM’s architecture, Apple would have more control on the touch, fingerprint and display driver functions, meaning better overall control like it does with its smartphone and tablet lineup.

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Another reason would Apple would want to pursue this is because it wants to stay ahead of the AI game and to do that, developing proprietary chips is going to be important. This will also lead to lowered production costs in the future. According to multiple sources, continuously relying on others will deter the company’s progress in AI development.

“By designing its own chips, Apple can better differentiate itself from others. Further, depending too much on other chip suppliers in the age of artificial intelligence will deter its development.”

“We believe that more system houses will design their own chips. The purposes are to develop and protect their proprietary technology information, to make more efficient chips for their unique need, to lower [costs] and to do inventory control better and keep all logistic operation confidentially.”

In the beginning, we’re under the assumption that the ARM processor would be present in the low-powered 12-inch MacBook and after development experience, more power chips can be made for more powerful machines of the future.

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News Source: Nikkei

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