Apple Wants To Hit A 100 Million Subscriber Mark For Apple Music

According to sources, Apple's Music Streaming service will stage today at the WWDC 2015 event. According to The Associated Press, Apple has claimed that their Music Streaming application will be targeted for a 100 million subscriber mark. This is huge for the company and aiming for such a big number automatically down shows Spotify, Pandora and other giants of the category.


Apple's Music's competitors beholds 41 million US subscribers altogether in 2014 according to the International Federation of Phonographic Industry. By the start of this year, Spotify had 60 million subscribers out of which only 15 million were paid tiers and the rest relied on ad supported free offerings.

Apple's Music Streaming To Go Multi Platform?

The Associated Press source also claims to have dropped other claims that are already surfacing the internet. Those claims include the subscription being free for three months on a trial base and a compulsory $10 per month after that. Hunch backs were made on iTunes Radio enhancements and revamped design and celebrity DJs like Zane Lowe, Drake, Pharrell Williams, Muse, David Guetta and more.

Apple acquired Beats for $3 Billion buyout clause after that the company will shut down due to subscriber migrations. Apple Music will be a revamped and improved version of the Beats Music Service. Beats Music Subscribers who were part of the plan previously will be shifted to Apple's Music Service without a hassle and the Beats Music Service will then be closed.

Apple has advertisement plans for the Music Streaming Service and according to The New York Times, Apple will promote it as Apple Music through iTunes. Users who are familiar with iTunes purchases will be prompted another option to use their subscription instead. There is also room for Apple to launch its Music Streaming service to the Android and Windows platform. There might be less or no claims but it seems legit. To fulfill the 100 Million mark, Apple does need to put the Music App on multiple platforms.

Apple executives will take stage today at 10 AM PDT at the World Wide Developers Conference 2015. Several details will be released today about the forthcoming music service. Along with the Music Streaming App, Apple is also driven to announce the future of iOS and OS X along with Apple Pay and more. Total coverage will be provided to you by wccftech so do stay tuned. As for now, let us know in the comments what are your expectations of Apple Music?

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