Apple Gearing Up for Periscope Lens to Enhance Optical Zoom in Future iPhone Models

Ali Salman
periscope lens iPhone 14

The iPhone 12 series is a huge hit as Apple introduced a new design with great improvements in the camera department. To be fair, the iPhone 12's camera is one of the major features that you should be looking forward to. Now, according to a new report, Apple is gearing up to take its camera capabilities to the next level using the periscope lens technology.

Apple to Add Periscope Camera Lens on the iPhone 14?

According to ETNews, Apple is looking for an adequate periscope camera solution for the upcoming iPhone models. In addition to this, Apple has already in the works with its suppliers. This is not the first time that the company is looking to use the periscope lens system. It filed a patent for the technology back in 2014 but there seem to be several issues regarding the subject.

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Reportedly, Apple is encountering issues developing its own periscope lens camera for its future iPhones due to limitations by other patents. Henceforth, Apple is looking to acquire the technology from others who have secured the patents. The "ball-type actuator" technology required in most periscope lens is owned by Samsung Electronics. With the patent in hand, Samsung implemented the technology in its Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone and it is one of the best cameras in a smartphone right now.

Apart from this, a DigiTimes report also corroborates the news that points out that Apple is gearing up to improve the zoom capabilities in its forthcoming iPhone models. The report suggests that Apple will be looking at Samsung to provide it with the technology it needs to make the periscope lens possible in future iPhone models.

periscope lens iPhone 14

However, there have been certain doubts created that an Apple and Samsung partnership will not happen with respect to the periscope lens for the iPhone. Some analysts believe that Samsung will not agree to work with Apple in the area of concern. This will provide Samsung with a competitive edge in the camera department for smartphones.

On the other side of things, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that at least one of Apple's iPhone models will feature a periscope lens by the year 2022. Since we're two years from now, if the analysts are anything to go by, we will see the periscope lens in the iPhone 14. The components, on the other hand, will be provided by Semco and Sunny Optical instead of Samsung.

Periscope lens is great for a higher optical zoom range in a much smaller package like a smartphone. That's all there is to it, folks. We will share more details on the story as soon as we have a word. Do you think Apple will implement periscope technology in the iPhone 14? Let us know in the comments.

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