Apple Fined Nearly $6 Million by Dutch Regulator Over Its Conditions for Using Alternative Payment Options for Dating Apps


The Dutch antitrust regulator, Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), has fined Apple five million euros, or approximately $5.72 million, for a third consecutive time. Apparently, it believes that the technology giant has been unable to satisfy requirements it has set for its alternate payment systems when using dating apps.

Apple Earlier Reduced the Commission It Was Charging on Transactions Made in Dating Apps That Use Alternative Payment Systems

In a report from Reuters, The Netherlands’ ACM believes that it has not received sufficient information from Apple to assess whether the company has properly complied with the order. As such, the regulator will continue to fine Apple five million euros per week up to a maximum of 50 million euros, or $57.2 million, until it believes that the company has come into compliance.

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Perhaps the most prominent issue that ACM highlighted was that Apple introduced several hurdles when using alternative payment systems for dating apps. As we previously reported, developers need to submit Apple an entitlement request form on the company’s website, which states that if Apple grants permission, then those developers can use that specific API. These developers also need to inform customers that they are being re-directed to an alternative payment system instead of Apple’s integrated one.

With so many obstacles to cross, ACM states that Apple is forcing dating apps to choose between the App Store’s standard in-app purchase system or alternative payment systems. The regulator said that dating apps must be able to offer both options in the Netherlands. Some developers spoke against Apple’s decision in charging a 27 percent commission, as the added fee on those transactions would take the commission back to 30 percent, not to mention the level of difficulty Apple is adding in using those alternative payment systems.

As expected, Apple has appealed the ACM’s order, stating that alternative payment systems in the App Store pose both privacy and security risks for customers. The company also says that if customers make purchases through alternative payment systems and encounter problems, Apple’s support team will be unable to assist them with refund requests and other issues.

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News Source: Reuters