Apple Is Fined A Chunky $11.5 Million For Negligence By Italian Authorities

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Back in 2017 reports started to surface that Apple had reduced device performance for older iPhones by launching iOS 10.2.1. The performance seemed to suffer on devices with batteries in poor condition. This promoted a debate that Apple had made the decision to deliberately slow down older iPhones to entice users for an upgrade. Now, the Italian anti-trust watchdog has fined Apple 10 Million Euros for 'planned obsolescence'. Take a look below for more details.

Apple Fined $11.5 Million By The Italian Anti-Trust Watchdog For The Company's Planned Obsolescence Of Older iPhones

It's a bad day for Apple and Samsung, but a good one for consumers. Not only has the Italian Anti-Trust watchdog fine Samsung $5.7million, but it has also fined Apple $11.5 million for a similar offense. Apple's fine is almost double, and the watchdog provides reasons behind this decision.

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According to the authority, the reason Apple's fine is double that of Samsung is because Apple 'failed' to inform customers about the nature of the iPhone's lithium batteries. The watchdog also believes that Apple didn't inform customers about the means to keep their devices in top condition, and therefore it inadvertently created an environment in which users were forced to buy newer devices.

Apple has apologized for its actions. The company has also denied any malintent behind both causing operating system updates to slow down iPhones and behind failing to inform customers of the means and methods by which they can ensure battery conditions on their iPhones remains up to date. It's only natural for newer operating systems to tax more resources on a smartphone due to added functionality.

But, at the same time, newer software should also optimize older hardware and remove inconsistencies in code. The fines look enough to have taught Apple a lesson. The company is after all well known for its hardhanded approach towards device problems. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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