Latest Apple ECC Filing Lists ‘AirPods’, Two iPhones & Ten Apple Watch Variants


The iPhone 7 has turned out to be a rather unimpressive device so far. Cupertino's flagship smartphone upgrade for 2016 won't change much in terms of design. The most that you should expet right now are redesigned antenna bands, a dual camera for the larger variant and the removal of the 3.5mm earphone jack. It's the latter that has caused the most speculation for the iPhone. After all, the removal of a simple feature such as the earphone jack brings with it a host of subsequent changes. Ever since sources started to speculate this removal regularly, we've been hearing mixed news about what Apple will do to solve the earphone connectivity problem. Today, some more information has surfaced on the matter.

Apple Patent Filing With The ECC Connects Cupertino Directly With 'AirPods'

Sources have speculated wildly on the upcoming iPhone's 'earphone' problem. At this moment, there are three possible contenders. The first of these are lightning earphones for the iPhone 7. The second and third are a lightning to 3.5mm adapter and wireless bluetooth earphones. Out of these, it's the last that should be the most impressive in terms of usability. Still, until now, only the adapter has seen concrete evidence surface.

Now, we might finally be seeing first concrete evidence of the existence of said AirPods. Some filings of the company with the Eurasian Economic Commission have been discovered. These shed light not only on AirPods, but they also show two iPhone models and ten Apple Watch models. This sure does lend some much needed credibility to the rumor of wireless earphones for the iPhone. Music in particular has always been an Apple favorite. Fresh attention towards this end should breathe new life in the iPhone lineup.


This should come as good news to iPhone lovers all around. If the news about AirPods does bear fruit, then it'll mark a nice change for the device. In fact, it will make the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus the first smartphones to come with stock wireless earphones. How Apple intends for its users to keep track of two very small pieces of hardware is a matter for another discussion. In terms of usability, it'll end up giving Apple top points.

We've also seen some earlier rumors of Apple developing low cost bluetooth chips to aid with these earphones. Whether the company chooses to provide them with the iPhone or sell them as a first party accessory still isn't known. Looking at Apple's past, it's more likely that you'll have to purchase them on your own. But just as every good analyst known, historical trends do not guarantee the future. Rest assured, we'll be on the lookout for more. Till then, stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.