Apple: Epic Games Wants us to be Android and We Can’t Let that Happen

Uzair Ghani
Apple says Epic Games wants them to be like Android

The Epic Games versus Apple trial has kicked off and both parties dropped their comments in a federal court in Oakland, California.

Apple and Epic Games Trial Kicks off - Fortnite Maker Wants to Transform iOS into an Android-like Platform

In case you are wondering why Apple and Epic Games are in court, allow us to give you a quick rundown. Epic Games broke Apple's rule where a developer cannot use a third-party, direct payment method, forcing Apple to boot them off the App Store unless the change to the payment system was reversed. Using Apple's payment method also means that Epic Games has to pay 30% commission to Apple for every in-game transaction made and Epic Games did not want to pay that much money. In other words, Epic Games broke a rule and are blaming Apple for being monopolistic and anti-competitive. This drama lead both parties to court.

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You are all caught up now.

In the opening remarks of the trial, Apple's lawyer Karen Dunn said that "Epic wants us to be Android, but we don't want to be." Basically, Epic Games wants Apple to allow people to side-load apps, something which Apple does not allow. She further added "Our consumers don't want that either."

The thing that is most astonishing here is this that how Epic Games chose to pursue this matter with Apple rather than anyone else. Fun fact: Fortnite earns more on the PlayStation platform and Epic Games is paying the 30% commission, something which they have been paying to Apple as well before shooting itself in the foot and playing victim. The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney also testified in court and said that Apple has 'total control' over the iPhone, iPad and its software platform.

That last bit is a pile of rubbish given how the same thing happens on every platform out there. In case you aren't aware, Google booted Fortnite off the Play Store because Fortnite bypassed the in-house (and required) payment mechanism in favor of their own direct payment system. Epic Games wants to rake in more money using the direct payment method.

We will keep you updated as we get more details from the trial.

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