Apple to enter console gaming with the iPad?

As impossible as it sounds you might soon find yourself using your iPad as a dedicated console and your iPod Touch / iPhone being the controller, I know it's very hard to believe but one person on YouTube is trying to give the iPad a way that you can soon play games FROM your iPad on to your TV and control every game using an iPod Touch or iPhone.

While it is a generous gesture for those who seek more "game value" from their iPad's I really don't see this catching on fast anytime soon, I mean who in their right mind would want to use a 200$+ Touch screen device as a controller? imagine you have someone over who has a short temper and he smashes your beautiful iPhone to the ground? While the iPad is doing remarkable sales it's mostly being used for commercial purposes like net surfing, movie watching and the occasional game.

The output may not be in HD when used on a larger TV and you will be limited to 480p or 576p/i but considering that the games on the iPad aren't exactly Crysis I don't see many fans caring about this being an issue, the app will be available for free which is a great deal.

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