Apple Deploys New 10-Character ‘Randomized Serial Number’ Format With Purple iPhone 12


We previously heard that Apple was looking to switch to randomized serial numbers for its 2021 products. Now, it seems the company has deployed the approach with the launch of the Purple iPhone 12 in many countries. Apple previously stated that its randomized serial number would initially be 10-characters long and the new iPhone 12 launched a few weeks ago is the first product to bring the approach forward. Scroll down to see more details on the scenario.

Apple Transitions From 12 Characters to 10 Characters Randomized Serial Number Format

The news was shared by MacRumors with assistance from Aaron Zollo, that the purple iPhone 12 features the new 10-character serial number format. Before the transition, Apple's products featured the usual 12-character format for most of its products. While not sure at this point, but the transition should also apply to the smaller iPhone 12 mini. The newly released AirTags are not part of the transition as of yet but we might see the transition soon. The item-tracking accessory still features a 12 character serial number.

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In addition to this, Apple's new M1-powered iMac, iPad Pro models, and the new Apple TV 4K are yet to be released, expected in the second half of May. We suspect the upcoming products will also feature the same 10 character serial numbers. Apple previously quoted in March that products shipping at that time would feature the same 12 characters serial number format. The serial number is used by customers and service providers to determine the location and date of manufacturing of the product.

The first three characters tell users about the manufacturing location, the next two characters share the year of manufacturing, and the final four represents the device's model, storage capacity, and color. The randomized serial number format will hold randomized alphanumeric 10 characters initially. The new format will not contain information pertaining to manufacturing and configuration information.

Apple has already asked authorized resellers to prepare for the upcoming transition. This is all there is to it folks. Share your views with us in the comments.