Apple Could Potentially Surpass Samsung As the World’s Largest Smartphone Maker In Q4 2017


Apple introduced its latest flagship of the year to the world and while the company also released the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the iPhone X was the eye candy for users. Why wouldn't it be? The latest and greatest smartphone from Apple featured a radical design change, introduced features which are not only new to the iPhone franchise but the whole smartphone industry as a whole. Now, with iPhone X's success at the table, a Taiwanese market research firm, TrendForce expects Apple to overtake Samsung as the world's largest smartphone maker in 2017's Q4. So let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

Apple Expected To Surpass Samsung As The World's Largest Smartphone Maker

The research firm claims that the iPhone X is strong in terms of consumer interest. The device went on sale earlier this month and launched in over 55 countries. The firm also coins stats that the iPhone-maker will grab a market share of 19.1 percent compared to Samsung's 18.2 percent smartphone market share. In addition to this, the research company also expects that the iPhone X's strong demand has led Samsung to scale back on the production of its Galaxy S8 and its bigger plus sized S8+.

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Samsung shipped 81 million units in Q3 of 2017 all thanks to strong demand of the Galaxy Note 8. In addition to this, the company's J series also did pretty well in grabbing the smartphone share. Even though these numbers are huge, TrendForce speculates that Apple will surpass the Korean technology giant. However, Samsung is expected to ship 77 million smartphones in Q4 of 2017. Comparing the stats to Q3, Samsung's numbers will drop by 5 percent.

However, one thing to note here is that the last quarter of Apple is always is strongest due to the launch of the iPhone X. Meanwhile, Samsung is already done celebrating its first quarter of the smartphone launch. There's a reason why the iPhone X is in heavy demand. The smartphone features a radical design change along with the introduction of new forward-facing additions. Henceforth, the iPhone X is expected to record anywhere between $84 to $87 billion in estimated revenue. In addition to this, the report suggests that Apple will ship 81 million iPhone units in Q4 of 2017 which accounts for 33 percent.

Apple is also working on supply constraints, so the initial demand and availability of the iPhone can be compensated in the months to come. There will be more to the story so be sure to stay tuned in for more.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on Apple surpassing Samsung in Q4 of 2017? Do you think it will be Apple's best quarter in terms of sale of the iPhone? Share your views with us in the comments.

News Source: TrendForce