Apple Could Increase Ads in Built-In Apps for All iPhone Users

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We all know the fact that Apple is synonymous with high-end products that customers around the world use and love. The company is known for offering premium hardware that is paired with the software on a level that is unseen so far by the competition. It does not matter if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, for that matter. All of these devices have been excellent for a long, long time. The one thing that comes with spending a good chunk of money on these devices is that you remain protected from advertisements. Sure, they are good, and millions of businesses around the world run on these ads, but when you are paying upwards of $1,000 on a smartphone, you would expect not to experience ads that often.

Apple Pushing More Ads on iPhone Stock Apps is Not Going to Please Anyone

Apple being the good samaritan, has avoided pushing ads to the users in the past. However, a new report suggests that it might be changing soon.

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According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple could start showing its users more ads across its apps. the company currently shows prominent advertisements in the News, Stocks, and App Store apps.

Inside the ads group, Teresi has talked up expanding the business significantly. It’s generating about $4 billion in revenue annually, and he wants to increase that to the double digits. That means Apple needs to crank up its efforts.

The report also points out that Apple could expand the advertisements to Maps, Books, and Podcasts, along with other stock apps that the company provides. This is going to give companies, along with creators, a chance to surface their offerings in more places so the users can have a look. Apple does allow users to turn off Personalized Ads in privacy settings. However, this toggle only affects how relevant the ads are and not how often they show up.

We still have to wait and see if these ads have any potential impact on iPhone sales or not. Will you buy an iPhone even if Apple starts displaying more ads? Let us know in the comments below.

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