Apple Coming Up with 12 Core Mac Pro & 27″ LED Displays

Omer Saleem

Appleinsider has reported that Apple is working on their new lineup of Mac Pros which will have 12 Cores Intel Xeon 5600 Processors. Apparently, Apple has been said to have sped up the process to produce the new line up by June 2010 for release.

Interestingly, Apple has now firmed up their plans to offer Mac Pros with 6 and 12 cores (2 x 6 core Xeon 5600) configuration and the reason for not going with Core i7, which are similarly spec'd CPUs, is because Ci7 cannot work in a dual processor configurations. The Pricing for the Xeon systems is speculated to be close to $2,499 as a basic unit and would go up as the configuration increases.


On the display unit, the current 24" Cinema display will have another variant coming in with 27" (2,560 x 1,440 resolution) with LED screen. This is to boost the market penetration in the display segments where currently Samsung holds the top slot.

Source: Appleinsider

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