Apple Soon To Close Deal For CDMA iPhone 4 with China Telecom

Sabeeh Qureshi

According to the Analyst Brian White at Ticonderoga Securities, had forwarded a note to his clients that China Telecom "has started accepting online pre-orders for the CDMA iPhone 4 at the starting price of RMB 5,800."

Do the math and that’s around $880. Also, just a few days back, an iPhone 4 CDMA had been seen running on China Telecom for the first time by an employee. Maybe this shows that China Telecom are experimenting and testing the CDMA phone in their field.

Also, the Analyst had quoted that "it is unclear how pre-orders are available before an official announcement has been made by the two companies; however, the key takeaway is that the relationship between Apple and China Telecom is clearly moving in the right direction, and we believe that a deal will eventually be announced this year."

China Telecom is China’s third largest carrier, with 90.5 million wireless subscribers on its CDMA network, making it roughly the size of Verizon.

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