Apple Has Been Paying More for Every Iteration of the iPhone – Latest Phone Costs $370.25 According to New Graph


It is not a surprise that you have to pay a $999 price for the iPhone X. With its bezel-less display coupled with OLED screen and newer technologies, you’re bound to pay more for something that sports better features than the rest of the pack. However is the $999 price tag really justified for a flagship phone?

Well, if Apple was not forced to pay a higher bill of materials with every iPhone iteration it could have kept the price tag very reasonable. According to the latest graph, the price to make an iPhone has been going up with every passing year, hence the price increase for the customer.

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Latest ‘Bill of Materials’ Graph Shows That Apple Is Paying More for Every New iPhone - iPhone X Is the Most Expensive in Terms of These Materials

According to the latest graph compiled by Statistica, the amount of money that Apple has been paying for the materials or components for the iPhone has been increasing. Right now, the iPhone X happens to be the most expensive iPhone, both for the customer and from a ‘Bill of Materials’ point of view.

To remind you, the iPhone X costs $370.25 and Statistica also mentions that the aforementioned price tag is without the factors of R&D, logistics, marketing and other variables. Surprisingly, the costs of the iPhone 7 Plus was not included in this graph but for good measure, the iPhone 8 Plus costs $295.44.

This reveals that the OLED screen coupled with a changed design are all adding to the costs of the phone. To make matters worse for Apple, they are relying on Samsung entirely for its OLED displays, meaning the Korean manufacturer has the final say about the price per component.

At this rate, the retail price of the next iPhone might be even higher, but it looks like Apple might bring that figure down a bit.

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Do you think Apple is expected to increase the price of its next flagship model? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

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News Source: Statista