Apple to Announce “New Goodies” on 27th Jan

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. This is the name of the place where Apple will be holding an event and allegedly will show off something "New" to the world. Now we have all heard and read the rumors and news about the Apple tablet and maybe a hint of next-gen iPhone, this event may bring out something we might not be expecting.

Here's a list of what I think Apple will reveal:

iGone: A new tool which can be used when you are way over your head in lawsuits, therefore by using this gadget, you can counter sue others, just for kicks!!

iSteal: A revolutionary app which will enable the user to steal the ideas of other without telling them or paying them and when they find you, the app will automatically engage iGone.

iAmalone: This new gadget will be a user's best friend when all his friends are moving away from the user just because the new kid on the block is cooler than him. This gadget will provide services unimaginable [like Roxxxy] but will be locked to AT&T only with premium package plan.

These are on top of my head but will keep you posted as and when I find out some more. Ciao!

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