Apple Announces ‘Animoji’ Animated 3D Version of Emoji For iPhone X

Zara Ali

Apple is on a roll today and it is coming up with more and more features and products. The company just announced a new Animoji feature in iOS 11, which is an animated version of popular emojis that are present on the iPhone. These Animojis use the Face ID hardware and face-scanning features of the iPhone X to render custom 3D versions based on the facial expressions of the user.

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Animoji will be a direct part of the Messages app on iOS11 and it will be able to offer funny emojis entirely based on the user's expressions. Apple boasts Animoji as “custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect your facial expressions.” The company is currently working on more variations of the 3D emoji model, which also includes emojis like monkeys, cats, dogs, and more. Yes, the iPhone X will be able to make a custom 3D emoji of poop based on a scan of your face. Disturbing? Yes! But also entertaining.

Interestingly, you will be able to edit the Animojis in fullscreen as they are animated in real-time before you send them as a message. Users that receive Animojis will get to see them as looping videos with background audio. Much Fun!

You can also throw in your own recorded audio to go with the animated emoji. As it looks, Animoji syncs the movements with the sound, so you don't have to worry about the mismatch. At the event, Apple showcased Animoji in a demo wherein the animated emoji was whispering "“Where are you??” Animoji seems like a fun way to send messages to your buddies. For those, who use a lot emojis on their iPhone, Animoji will break the emoji repetition, but for that, you will have to buy the iPhone X.

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