Apple Reportedly Planning a 10.2-Inch iPad 7 Launch, as Well as an ‘All New’ iPad Release


Apple was always going to launch the successor to the iPad 6, which chronologically will be called the iPad 7. The company might also release the iPad 5 due to consecutive leaks popping up in the past. However, turns out the company might have bigger plans for its iPad lineup, with an all-new model expected to arrive as well. This means we could be looking at potentially three brand new models, unless Apple has a different plan up its sleeve.

According to the Latest Tweet, the iPad 7 and the New iPad Will Not Be Released at the Same Time

A tweet published by CoinX reveals that the iPad 7 will have a 10.2-inch display, while the all-new iPad will fetch a slightly bigger 10.5-inch screen, featuring the same display size as the 2017 iPad Pro. The tweet also claims that both models will not be launched simultaneously, which makes a great deal of sense as it would mean that one model will not potentially steal the spotlight from the other model, leading to lack of sales as a result.

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According to MacRumors, CoinX has an accurate track record, as the person handling the Twitter account was able to provide the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max model names back in 2018 before anyone else did. As for the iPad 7, the 10.2-inch display will deliver a slightly higher screen real estate for the owner if they haven’t already owned the 9.7-inch iPad 6. We believe that the upcoming model will feature a much faster silicon, and while we say this, we’re looking forward to seeing the A11 Bionic fueling the new slate.

Touch ID and the headphone jack will most likely be retained, along with other specifications. However, we expect battery life to be given an upgrade because of the increased display. As for the all-new iPad, apart from its 10.5-inch display size, there’s nothing else we can comment on at the moment without waiting for more leaks and rumors to come forth.

However, we’d like to know your thoughts. What could Apple be planning with the 10.5-inch model? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (CoinX)