Apple AirTag Loop Accessory in Deep Navy Available for Just $18.25 [$10.75 Off]

Uzair Ghani
Apple AirTag Loop accessory available for just $18.25

Apple's official Loop accessory for AirTag in Deep Navy color is available right now with a $10.75 discount applied.

Apple's Official Loop Accessory Will Let You Hang Your AirTag on Your Bag for Just $18.25 Today Only

This accessory is great to have if you want to hang your AirTag somewhere, especially a bag. And since this is an official accessory, therefore you can expect it to have a solid, to-the-point finish and excellent build quality.

Both lightweight and durable, the loop is made from polyurethane and securely fastens your AirTag to your bag.
The enclosure fits tightly around your AirTag to ensure that it stays put, so you can keep track of whatever it’s attached to.
Make AirTag yours with a range of colorful accessories
AirTag sold separately

There are no discount codes needed here to bring the price down. A slight discount is also available on other colors but your mileage may vary. The Deep Navy color is the most discounted from the bunch.

Please note that this accessory does not come with the AirTag itself; you have to buy it separately.

Buy Apple AirTag Loop - Deep Navy - Was $29, now just $18.25

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