Apple’s AirTags (4-Pack) Are Now 19% Cheaper on Amazon for Early Black Friday

Omar Sohail
Apple’s AirTag (4-Pack) Are Now 19% Cheaper on Amazon for Early Black Friday

It is always the worst feeling in the world when one of your expensive possession gets lost or misplaced. Thankfully, Amazon’s Early Black Friday will ensure you never have to face this problem ever again, thanks to the latest deal, where a pack of four AirTags are discounted to their lowest price yet of $79.99. In short, you are getting $19.99 off on this purchase, and you will thank us later because these trackers come with a multitude of benefits.

You can check all the answers to your questions here regarding AirTags, but if you wish to stay here, setting up one of these trackers is extremely simple, as it can easily connect with your iPhone or iPad in a few taps. Using Apple’s Find My app, you can also keep track of your items with the tracker you have associated that item to, so locating it will be effortless. An AirTag will play a sound to help you find your belongings if you cannot locate them at the time.

There is also another feature called Precision Finding, and though it is supported on iPhone 11 models and above, it shows waypoints on your handset to accurately show you the location of your AirTag; it’s like using a map to find treasure. The beauty of AirTags is that not only do they work with iOS but Android too, but you will not get the same features, which was not surprising.

Also, the battery is replaceable and features standard CR2032 coin-shaped cells that are readily available in the market. If you think a 4-pack is overkill, you can also get a single unit, which is going for $24.99 on Amazon after a 14 percent discount. In short, you will have peace of mind, knowing that your expensive items can be located, or tracked, in case you are unable to find them at that specific time.

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