Apple AirPods Possessed an Unrivaled Market Share for True Wireless Earphones, According to Latest Research


According to a new report from the analytics firm Counterpoint Research, Apple’s AirPods dominated the wireless earbuds market in the last quarter of 2018. More importantly, the AirPods didn’t just outsell competing products; they did so by a wide margin, capturing the lion’s share of the market.

AirPods Emerge as an Undisputed Leader When It Comes to Wireless Headphones, Though Not Because of Their Sound Quality

Per Hearables Market Tracker, AirPods had a whopping 60 percent share of the wireless headphones market in Q4 2018. The AirPods were followed by Jabra's Elite Active 65t and Samsung Gear Icon X. The remaining market was shared by JLab, QCY, Huawei, Bose, Sony, and some other companies.

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Counterpoint Research also seems to imply that the market share of Apple could have been even more, had the company released the second generation AirPods earlier. It is assumed that many people were waiting for the newer iteration of AirPods instead of buying the first-generation model. Powered by the new H1 chip, the AirPods 2 offer longer talk times, improved connection speeds, and hands-free Hey Siri support.

The company also faced competition from brands such as JLab and QCY that lured customers because of their affordable prices and reasonable performance. AirPods are one of the most expensive wireless earbuds around and this might deter some people from going ahead with their purchase. Interestingly, the top sellers' list from Counterpoint includes premium models as well as low and mid-tier earbuds.

It is also worth mentioning that the report says that AirPods were preferred by most consumers for their ease of use, comfort, and portability, and not for their sound quality. When it comes to sound quality, Bose took the crown. The report further revealed that in the final quarter of 2018, 12.5 million units of wireless earbuds were shipped and North America accounted for 24 percent of the shipments, making it the biggest market for wireless earbuds. The Asia Pacific region was the second biggest market for hearables, according to the report.

The new stats are obviously good news for Apple, as the company seemingly wants to diversify its offerings to make up for falling iPhone sales. The global earbuds market is projected to grow at a rate of 31 percent in the next few years and having such a strong presence could surely benefit the technology giant a lot.

News Source: Counterpoint Research