Amateurish And Alleged 18W USB-C Charger Renders For The iPhone 9, iPhone XS And iPhone XS Plus Depart From Apple’s Design Approach

Ramish Zafar

One of the leaks related to Apple's 2018 iPhone lineup claims that the company will unify its notebook and smartphone chargers this year. Apple's current chargers for the iPhone support only 5W, which takes a long time to fully charge devices especially as battery capacities continue to increase. In addition, users can charge their smartphones using the MacBook lineup's power bricks given that they purchase an additional USB-C to lightning cable. Therefore, before third-party manufacturers capitalize on this, Apple's ready to make some moves of its own. Take a look below for the details.

Alleged Renders For Apple's Rumored 18W Charger For The iPhone 9, iPhone XS And iPhone XS Plus Show An Unimaginative Design And Resemble Previous Leaks

This year rumors and leaks for Apple's iPhone lineup are taking place earlier than they usually do. After Apple forced itself into a corner with slow iPhone upgrades, the company went all out last year. It chose to launch the iPhone X with all the necessary upgrades and a $1000 price tag. This naturally created a lot of hype that was further fuelled by the smartphone's delays and Apple's marketing efforts.

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The iPhone X had the intended effect of raising Apple's Average Selling Price (ASP) per iPhone. This meant that even if Cupertino shipped lesser units, its revenues wouldn't take a hit or, as recent earnings have demonstrated, even grow. On that note, we've got a 'leak' that claims to show what this year's 18W charger for the iPhone 9, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus will look like.

Before we get to it, keep in mind that there's a big chance that these images are simply self-created renders to make the site in question popular. Safe to say, we highly, highly doubt their authenticity.


Right off the bat, you'll notice the these alleged images fail to maintain Apple's love of fluidity across its designs, whether they're for the MacBook, the iPhone or accessories. The images above resemble chargers from the Android world instead. Of course, if Apple does introduce 18W chargers then the current cube we all know will go away. Still, it's highly unlikely for Cupertino to completely abandon its aesthetics and blindly follow Android.

Other details for the 2018 iPhone lineup suggest that the iPhone 9 will feature an LCD display while the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus will feature OLED panels. All three devices will feature Face ID and Apple will price the LCD iPhone at $799 to ensure that more users adopt facial recognition. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.


News Source: Chargerlab

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