Apple’s Not As Excited About The iPad Pro As Company Starts To Place Orders

Even though all that we've been hearing over the past couple of days in Apple world is news and speculation surrounding the upcoming iPhone 6S Duo, Apple's has another product in the pipeline for quite a while now. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro has been long rumored by a lot of quarters, and is expected to be Apple's first leap into the larger screen size tablet markets. Until now we've seen Samsung's Galaxy Tab lineup and Microsoft's Surface Pro lineup be among the few top tier choices that customers have and now, Apple seems to be ready to make the jump as well.

Apple Starts To Place Orders For The 12.9 Inch iPad Pro - In Limited Quantities

For all the iPad fans out there, today brings some good news as some of Apple's supply chain sources are now claiming that the Cupertino tech giant has already started to place orders for its large screen slate. But, Apple does not feel as confident in its tablet, as it does in the upcoming iPhone 6S launches. Reportedly, even though the company has placed orders for the iPad Pro with its suppliers, these are in limited quantity, and reflect a pessimistic expectation of sales on Apple's behalf.

Apple's supply chain is expected to start mass production of the iPad sometime in mid-September, which should follow in schedule for a November launch. All of this stands in line with earlier news that we've been hearing about the iPad Pro's launch dates, but any exact specifications regarding the larger tablet are yet to be known. We've seen a couple of renders and some details leak here and there, but nothing concrete has managed to surface so far.

The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is expected to come with a stylus to help users navigate its much larger screen, which will be a first timer in Apple history. Stereo speakers, a higher screen resolution, coupled with chipset and memory upgrades are some of the other features expected on it. But we'd wait on more news to surface before anything's taken as a confirmation. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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