App Store Has Reached Several New Milestones – Find Out Right Here


For the longest time, we were waiting for an App Store overhaul and during Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote, the tech giant has introduced some new implementations that you should be informed about.

App Store Changes – Here Is Everything You Need To Know

During WWDC 2016, Tim Cook was the first to come up on stage and state on how Apple’s app ecosystem has been able to flourish thanks to the existence of App Store. However, he did point out that if it weren’t for the extreme efforts of those dedicated developers that are pushing out applications for all of Apple’s mobile and desktop platforms, the App Store would not be where it is today.

Tim Cook has stated that App Store has officially played host to 2 million applications, and a total of 130 billion apps have been downloaded by users till now. Tim Cook might have not prattled out the following, but we believe that it is a very good idea to become an iOS or macOS developers because Apple has already paid out $50 billion to developers at this point. If you’re going to do a comparison, then you should know that it’s up from $40 billion in January of this year.


For the 27th annual WWDC this year, Apple has stated that more than 5,000 developers are in attendance with more than 100 of those under 18. Tim Cook also pointed that the youngest developer sitting in the crowd was only aged 9 and that before the keynote kicked off, the CEO of the company managed to meet her, which is possibly the only reason he states that she is going to make one heck of a developer.

These attendees come from 74 different countries, with 72 percent attending the conference for the first time. The company also announced that it is up to 13 million registered developers, up by two million from last year. For Apple TV, the company announced that it has 1,300 video apps (which is a huge gain considering it only had 80 when it first generation Apple TV was launched) and a total of 6,000 native apps. Now Siri, on the Apple TV can search a total of 650,000 movies and TV shows.


Apple is also hosting 10 billion documents on its iCloud Drive storage service and the company is handling 2 billion Siri requests each week. Do you guys believe that Apple has truly made App Store a heaven for both an iOS and macOS developer? Let us know your thoughts immediately.