Apex Legends’ Season 8 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Fuse’s Powers


Respawn Entertainment just dropped the newest Apex Legends trailer for Season 8, and it's got plenty of sizzling new action to check out. At the forefront of the video is the new legend Fuse, though there's much more to the clip than him: you get to take a look at the ravaged Kings Canyon.

Fuse shows off what kind of mayhem he's capable of early on in the video. He has a grenade launcher on his wrist, which sounds like the perfect recipe for chaos, if you ask us. He has napalm abilities too, which can keep the ground alight long after the ability has been used, since napalm continues to burn. While those are likely responsible for making up half of Fuse's arsenal, he probably has plenty of other tricks up his sleeve.

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Later on in the clip, Kings Canyon makes an appearance, but it's a lot different than you remember it, most likely, since a ship saw fit to totally wreck it. But that makes for a fun new map to explore, and it seems like there are plenty of secrets within its walls, er, confines. There are plenty of new holes to explore, too. That might be one of the biggest draws of this whole new Kings Canyon thing, after all.

But we can't forget about the new weapons, though. We'll be getting our hands on a new semi-auto Repeater rifle, as well as Golden Magazines with the advent of Season 8. These will allow you to continue shooting without needing to reload, and who doesn't want that kind of ability?

The season is set to begin on February 2. From what we've seen so far, it looks like a pretty exciting start for the eighth go-around for Apex Legends. Are you in, and the question is, will you be trying out Fuse?