Apex Legends Mobile is Finally Available on Android


After spending a few months in beta testing, Apex Legends Mobile is finally coming to the Google Play Store today. As a matter of fact, you can head over to the Play Store and check it out for yourself to see if it is available for you to download.

The launch of Apex Legends Mobile is currently being done in stages, which means that gamers in some markets might have to wait for some but the good news is that the game is available as the public release has taken place.

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Apex Legends Mobile is Finally Rolling Out to Android Devices

Much like the PC and console versions, Apex Legends Mobile has been helmed by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA> The game also follows a free-to-play model, allowing everyone who is willing to try the game to download it and go ahead. However, if you do want to spend money, you can always do that through microtransactions.

Now, microtransactions are not really looked at as something that is good but don't worry as the shop only has skins and other visual effects, which means that you cannot just pay real money to get some gameplay advantages.

Apex Legends Mobile was developed from scratch for mobile devices, which means that the game is going to have an entirely different progression path than the PC and console versions of the game, and at the moment, there is no cross-play either, which makes perfect sense.

You are going to require at least 2 gigs of RAM and a chipset that is equivalent to either the Exynos 7420 or Snapdragon 435. This means that Apex Legends Mobile will run on pretty much any modern smartphone.

At the time of writing, the game is locked at 60FPS, however, this might change in the future with an update.

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You can head over here and download the game. Below is the gameplay trailer as well.