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Apex Legends Mobile Launches in Full Next Week, New Exclusive Legend Teased


Apex Legends Mobile has been in various forms of testing for a while, but next week the anticipated battle royale spinoff finally launches in full. Californian/Canadian developer Respawn Entertainment has dropped a new launch trailer for the game, which interestingly, seems to hint at a new exclusive Legend. You can check it out for yourself, below.

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While Respawn is playing it mysterious with Apex Legends Mobile’s new character, prolific leaker Tom Henderson claims to have the details. Per Henderson, the new Legend is named Fade and brings various phasing powers to the fight. Here are his various abilities…

Apex Legends Mobile

  • Passive: Slipstream – You can gain a short movement speed boost at the end of the slide.
  • Tactical: Flash Back – Go back to where you were a while ago from the Void.
  • Ultimate: Phase Chamber – Release a phase cage to send all Legends within range into the Void.

Take the information about Fade with a grain of salt for now, but Henderson usually has the goods. Need to know more about Apex Legends Mobile? Here’s are the game’s key features:

  • Become an Apex Champion Anywhere - Apex Legends has been designed explicitly for mobile, with streamlined controls and thoughtful optimizations that result in one of the most advanced battle royale combat games available for a tablet or phone.
  • Strategic Squad Play with Iconic Legends - Choose from a growing cast of beloved Legends with unique abilities and personalities to fit an array of playstyles and discover new mobile-first Legends with new stories to tell.
  • High Octane Competition - Fast-paced gameplay with fluid movement and gunplay, requiring quick reflexes and strategic choices and designed to keep a mobile player coming back for more.
  • Mobile-First Adaptations & Innovations - New Legends, maps, gameplay, modes, progressions, and live events constantly expand the gameplay variety to keep the experience fresh and new every season.
  • The Immersive, Ever-Evolving Apex Universe - Join the Games across the Outlands, where unpredictable conditions, challenges and Legends are continuously introduced to test players’ skills.

Apex Legends Mobile launches on iOS and Android devices on May 17. You can still pre-register for iOS here and Android here.