Apex Legends Crossplay Only Includes PC If You’ve Got a PC Player on Your Team


The highly anticipated Apex Legends crossplay feature was officially announced during the recent EA Play showcase event. Coming this Fall alongside the Nintendo Switch version of the game, this should significantly increase the matchmaking pool.

However, as with any competitive game, the upcoming arrival of Apex Legends crossplay raised some eyebrows among console gamers as they worry about the potential imbalance versus PC players, who can play with mouse and keyboard, not to mention at far higher frame rates.

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Luckily, Jake Smullin, software engineer at Respawn Entertainment, reassured console players in a post published on TikTok.

Wanted to clear something up about Apex Legends crossplay. You will only be in PC crossplay lobbies if you have a PC player on your team.

Have been seing lots of console players worrying about this, but don't. Everyone should be excited. So no more 'not crossplay, PC is gonna dominate us'.

Apex Legends launched in early 2019 and quickly became one of the most popular Battle Royale games. In our review, Kai wrote:

Even with other games looming on the horizon to cover, Apex Legends has been the one title I’ve gone back to again and again over the last week. No other battle royale game has so readily captured my interest and kept me wanting to play. Even the bitter taste of defeat doesn’t sting for very long because I can just hit the ground running in the next match and have fun shooting my way to the top. Despite the rocky launch on consoles, I eagerly anticipate that Apex Legends will be here to stick around for a long while. I can only hope that new heroes can change the meta in unique ways (and I certainly wouldn’t object seeing Titanfall 2’s Cooper make the cut) to keep new content flowing for seasons to come.